Call for papers

Experimental and theoretical studies on chemical reaction dynamics (including the excitation to and relaxation of the excited states) in the gas phase, condensed phase, surface, and interface are the topics of discussion.
1. Oral presentation

Zoom meeting
・Contributed talk
  Presentation for 15 min. & Discussion for 10 min.
・Invited talk
  Presentation for 40 min. (including discussion)

The URL for presentations will be sent to the participants via email.

2. Poster presentation

Presentation format: Please give presentations both in I and II below:
(I) a short-talk session using “Zoom meeting”
(II) a poster session using the online tool “SpatialChat”
We will hold the short-talk session (I), in which the poster presenters will give a short talk (2 min), and then, move on to the poster session (II).
Please make
- the presentation slide for the short talk in the PDF format
- the poster in the JPEG format
as follows and send us the two files via poster submission on our website. The deadline is May 31st.
We will display your submitted poster on the online venue for the poster presentation (SpatialChat). Please note that your poster will be kept displayed on SpatialChat during the day of your presentation. Please give a presentation at your poster during the poster session. At the short-talk session, we will share the screen of a PDF slide you will submit.
Short talk session
File format: PDF
Slide size: 25.4 cm x 19.05 cm (Landscape)
Number of Slides: 1 page
File size: Less than 1 MB
Language: English
*For the slide size, please choose “Standard (4:3)” when you use Microsoft PowerPoint.
*Please indicate your presentation number on the left-top corner of your slide.
*Please indicate the title, authors and affiliations on the top of your slide. Underline the author
who presents the paper. First names and affiliations can be abbreviated

Poseter session:
File format: JPEG
Poster size: A size, Portrait
File size: Less than 2 MB
Language: English
* Before the submission, please ensure that the image resolution is high enough.
* At the online poster session, you will not be able to point to your figures by the mouse cursor. Please add the figure numbers to the figures on your poster.
A guide for preparation of a poster file
If any changes in instructions are made, the revised instructions will be announced on this web page.
We also inform the instructions to the presenters via email.
The URL for presentations will be sent to the participants via email.

The best poster prize will be awarded to the students' presenters!

About Language

 ・Title, Affiliations, Authors:English
 ・View graph(PowerPoint,etc) Poster:English