第25回化学反応討論会 ベストポスター賞

1P03 Formation mechanisms of O (1D) from the 157 nm photoirradiation of amorphous water ice
(Kyoto University) Hama, Tetsuya
1P25 Ultrafast hydrogen migration in methylacetylene in intense laser fields by coincidence momentum imaging
(The University of Tokyo) Watanabe, Anri
1P51 Radiative cooling rate of stored zinc phthalocyanine anions produced by laser desorption
(Tokyo Metropolitan University) Goto, Motoshi
2P19 Theoretical study of stable helium complex HeBeO
(Saitama University) Motegi, Haruki
2P42 Application of an ion trap to laser spectroscopy of size-selected cluster ions
(Genesis Research Institute, Inc., Tokyo University of Science) Kasai, Chiharu
2P44 He(I) Ultraviolet Photoelectron Imaging Combined with Supersonic Molecular Beams
(RIKEN, Taiwan National Chiao Tung University) Liu, Suet-Yi
2P52 Direct Observation of Hydrogen-Bond Exchange in Small Water Clusters
(Kyoto University) Kumagai, Takashi

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