第26回化学反応討論会 ベストポスター賞

1P3 Solvation Structure of Ions on the Surface of Sodium Halide Solution studied by using Liquid Beam Technique
(The University of Tokyo) Hiranuma, Yojiro
1P13 Reaction OH + CO → H + CO2 Enhanced by Vibrational Excitation of OH
(Hiroshima Univ.) Kohno, Nanase
1P37 Vibrational energy relaxation of benzene dimer studied by picosecond time-resolved infrared-ultraviolet pump-probe spectroscopy
(Hiroshima Univ.) Kusaka, Ryoji
1P43 Time-resolved IR observation of photocatalytic reaction process of pivalic acid on titanium dioxide
(Hiroshima Univ.) Maeda, Akihiro
2P31 Differential cross sections for the dissociative single and double excitations in electron-CH4 collisions - a proposal of a universal curve
(Tokyo Institute of technology) Yachi, Kazufumi
2P38 Path-integral molecular dynamics simulations of hydrated hydrogen chloride cluster HCl(H2O)4
(Saitama Univ.) Sugawara, Shuichi

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