第27回化学反応討論会 ベストポスター賞

1P8 Collision–Induced Harpooning Observed in the Excimer Formation in the Oriented NF3 + Oriented Kr* (3P2, MJ = 2) Reaction
(Osaka University) Matsuura, Yusuke
1P13 The multiply excited states of molecules as probed by detection of metastable H(2s) atoms produced in the photodissociation.
(Tokyo Institute of Technology) Kumagai, Yoshiaki
1P15 Angle-resolved micro-spot two-photon photoemission spectroscopy for unoccupied elctronic states of phthalocyanine film
(Graduate School of Science Osaka Univ.) Yamamoto, Ryota
2P13 Isomer-separeted oxidation reactions of carbon cluster ions
(Tohoku University) Ohtaki, Tomohiro
2P17 Theoretical study on the mechanism of double proton transfer and isotope effect in porphycene by path-integral molecular dynamics simulations
(Saitama University) Yoshikawa, Takehiro
2P36 Rate Coefficients for Vibrational Relaxation of OH(X2Π, v = 0 - 4) by He and Nascent Vibrational Energy Distributions of OH Generated in O(1D) + H2 Reaction.
(Hiroshima Univ.) Yamashita, Jun
2P39 Time- and Angle-resolved Two-photon Photoemission Spectroscopy for Alkanethiol Self-assembled Monolayer on Au(111) Surface
(Keio University) Naoyuki, Hirata

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