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Poster session 1
June 7 (Wed), 13:10-15:10

1P01Infrared spectra and coordination structures of Ag+(H2O)n
(Kyushu Univ.1,IMS2) K. Ohashi1,K. Inoue1,T. Iino1,Y. Mune1,K. Judai2,N. Nishi2,H. Sekiya1
1P02Adsorption dynamics of O2 on Si(111)-7x7 at room temperature- Translational kinetic energy dependence of initial sticking probability and saturation coverage investigated by real-time photoelectron spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation-
(JAEA1,Osaka Prefecture University2) A.Yoshigoe1,E.Narihiro1,2,K.Moritani1,Y.Teraoka1
1P03H(D)-atom Yields in the Quenching of Xe(6s[3/2]1) by Simple Hydrocarbons and their Deuterated Isotopologues
(JAIST) H. Umemoto
1P04Reaction of Coordinatively Unsaturated Tungsten Center with NO in the Gas Phase
(Kyoto Institute of Technology, Departmen) Y.Ishikawa,K. Kawakami,H. Nakazawa
1P05*Dynamics of reaction, Si(3P)+O2->SiO+O, studied by crossed-beam laser-induced fluorescence technique.
(Univ. of Hyogo) R. Yamashiro,Y. Matsumoto,K. Honma
1P06*Novel Photochemistry in Solid Phase below 77K: Photochemisty between Acetylene and Chlorine
(Yokohama Natinal Univ) S. Kanemaru,K. Seki
1P07Temperature dependence for the reaction of methylvinoxy radical with molecular oxygen
(Toyohashi Univ. Tech.) T. Oguchi,T. Watanabe,H. Matsui
1P08*Measurement of ignition-delay times and modeling study of oxidation of xylene
(Univ. Tokyo) T.Inamura,Y.Sakai,T.Ogura,M.Koshi
1P09*Construction of the detailed kinetic model of ETBE based on RRKM calculation
(Univ. Tokyo) T. Ogura,Y. Sakai,A. Miyoshi,M. Koshi
1P10*Kinetic study of IO radical with RO2 (R = CH3, C2H5 and CF3) using cavity ring-down spectroscopy
(Univ. Kyoto) S. Enami,T. Yamanaka,S. Hashimoto,M. Kawasaki
1P11*Reactions of OIO with atmospheric important reactants
(Univ. kyoto) Y. Hoshino,S.Enami,S.Hashimoto,M.Kawasaki
1P12The ionization cross sections and photoionization spectra of volatile organic compounds
(Univ. Tokyo) N. Kanno,K. Tonokura
1P13Nonadiabatic rotational excitation of NO by femtosecond laser pulses
(IMS) H. Hasegawa,Y. Ohshima
1P14Photodissociation dynamics of cluster ions of magnesium monocation and molecules: Product angular and energy distributions
(Tohoku Univ.) A. Furuya,F. Misaizu,K. Ohno
1P15Dynamical study for unimolecular reaction of formic acid
(Hiroshima Univ.1,Ehime Univ.2) T. Nomura1,O. Takahashi1,K. Yamasaki1,Y. Hidaka2
1P16*Development of experimental apparatus for the study on reaction of inner-shell excited molecules produced by electron impact
(Hiroshima Univ.1,Kyoto Univ. Educ.2) M. Sakai1,K. Okada1,K. Ohno1,T. Ibuki2
1P17Multiply excited molecular oxygen as probed by the emission of two fluorescence photons originating from single photon absorption
(Dept. of Chem., Tokyo Inst. of Tech.) T. Odagiri,H. Miyagi,M. Murata,H. Fukuzawa,M. Kurokawa,M. Kitajima,N. Kouchi
1P18*Formation of HO2 in the reaction of CH3OCH2 + O2 between 300 K and 600 K using Near-IR and UV absorption spectroscopy
(The University of Tokyo1,AIST2) K. Suzaki1,T. Chinzei1,K. Tsuchiya2,M. Koshi1,A. Tezaki1
1P19*Dissociative ionization of alcohol molecules by femtosecond pulsed laser
(Univ. Tohoku) T. Hatamoto,M. Matsumoto,T. Lischke,K. Shimada,G. Pruemper,M. Okunishi,K. Ueda
1P20*Development of ion-trap gas electron diffraction for determination of geometrical structures of molecular ions
(Univ. of Tokyo) K. Kato,R. Kanya,K. Yamanouchi
1P21Dissociative ionization of water in ultrashort intense laser fields
(Univ.Tokyo1,NTT BRL2) Y.Furukawa1,P.Liu1,K.Yamanouchi1,H.Nakano2
1P22Theoretical study on the GeH2(A-X, B-A) transition
(Niigata Univ.1,Niigata Univ.2,Kyushu Univ.3) M. Kanai1,I. Tokue2,S. Nanbu3
1P23A proposal for the definition of elementary reactions and the unit of
(Saitama Univ.) H. Nohira
1P24Electronic energy redistribution in confined electron systems
(Nihon Univ.) T. Sako
1P25*Kinetics of C2(X 1Σg+) radical reactions with alkanes by LIF
(Univ. Tokyo) M. Yoshida,M. Nakazima,A. Miyoshi
1P26Thermalization cross section of suprathermal N(4S) atoms in collisions with N2, O2, He and Ar
(Nagoya Univ.) T. Nakayama,K. Takahashi,Y. Matsumi
1P27Development of an apparatus for coincidence measurements of threshold electrons and ions produced by dissociative photoionization of fullerenes
(Institute for Molecular Science1,Grad. Univ. for Advanced Studies2) H. Katayanagi1, 2,B. P. Kafle2,S. I.. Prodhan2,K. Mitsuke1, 2
1P28Dissociative photoionization of the chiral molecule Methyloxirane
(IMRAM/Tohoku Univ.1,Sophia Univ.2,Uppsala Univ.3,JSRRI4) T. Lischke1,G. Pruemper1,X-J. Liu1,K. Ueda1,H. Tanaka2,M. Hoshino2,T. Tanaka2,M. N. Piancastelli3,Y. Tamenori4,J. Harries4
1P29Influence of D2O layers on vibrational relaxation of CO adsorbed on Pt(111)
(Institute for Molecular Science) M. Nagao,K. Watanabe,T. Ueda,T. Matsumoto,Y. Matsumoto
1P30*Doubly excited states of methane as studied by angled-resolved coincident electron-energy-loss spectroscopy
(Dept. of Chem., Tokyo Insti. of Tech.) T. Nakazato,T. Odagiri,H. Fukuzawa,H. Miyagi,M. Kitajima,N. Kouchi
1P31*Structure and Reactivity of Solvated Mg Atom
(Kobe Univ.1,Kobe Univ.2) Y. Nishino1,A. Fujihara1,N. Okai1,H. Ishikawa1,K. Fuke1,2
1P32Development of theoretical analysis method of time-resolved photoelectron angular distributions
(RIKEN) Y. Suzuki,Y. Kato,M. Tsubouchi,T. Suzuki
1P33Electron spectroscopic study on multi-electron processes of N2 around the 1s ionization threshold
(UVSOR/IMS1,JASRI2) Y. Hikosaka1,T. Kaneyasu1,Y. Tamenori2,E. Shigemasa1
1P34*Metal-dependent Properties of Lanthanide Organometallic Sandwich Clusters
(Keio Univ.1,JST-CREST2) S. Furuse1,N. Hosoya1,K. Yada1,M. Mitsui1,S. Yabushita1,A. Nakajima1,2
1P35Determination of atmospheirc lifetime of 3-hexenal
(NIES1,Japan Women's Univ.2) J.-H. Xing1,M. Ono2,A. Kuroda2,K. Sato1,K. Obi2,S. Hatakeyama1,T. Imamura1
1P36*Infrared absorption spectrum and photochemistry of O3-H2O complex isolated in a neon matrix
(Tokyo Tech1,Gunma National College of Technology2) M. Tsuge1,K. Tsuji2,A. Kawai1,K. Shibuya1
1P37Non-ADK tunnel ionization of NO in sub-10 fs intense laser fields
(Institute for Molecular Science) A. Matsuda,E. Takahashi,A. Hishikawa
1P38*Fabrication and characterization of monolayers on silicon surface aiming at isolation of gas phase clusters
(Keio Univ.1,JST-CREST2,Univ. Osaka3) T. Matsumoto1,S. Nagaoka1,M. Mitsui1,M. Ara2,H. Tada2,3,A. Nakajima1,2
1P39*REMPI spectra of 4-(Methylthio)benzonitrile in a supersonic jet
(Tokyo Inst. Tech.) M. Nagasaka,T. Isozaki,K. Sakeda,T. Suzuki,T. Ichimura
1P40*Exploring New Reaction Mechanisms for Transition Metal Mediated Catalytic Cycles by the Scaled Hypersphere Search Method
(Tohoku University) S. Maeda,K. Ohno
1P41*Inelastic scattering of Methyl Chloride molecules on a graphite surface studied by oriented-molecular-beam
(Osaka Univ.1,Leiden Univ.2) T. Fukuyama1,M. Okada1,Ellen H. G. Backus2,T. Kasai1
1P42*Elucidation of Electronic Structure and Molecular Aggregation Structures of Anthracene and Its Derivatives Cluster Anions
(Keio Univ.1,JST-CREST2) N. Ando1,M. Mitsui1,A. Nakajima1,2
1P43*Kinetic studies of the reactions of Cl(2P3/2) atoms with Ketones by a technique of pulsed laser photolysis / vacuum ultraviolet laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
(Nagoya Univ.1,Ford Motor Company2) E. Iwasaki1,K. Takahashi1,Y. Matsumi1,T.J. Wallington2
1P44*Impact energy dependence of ionization dynamics for electron-H2 collision
(IMRAM, Tohoku univ.) Y. Asano,M. Shibuya,N. Watanabe,M. Takahashi,Y. Udagawa
1P45*Wavepacket observation of internal rotation of methyl groups
(Univ. Kyoto1,Tokyo Inst. Tech.2,IMS3) K.Kitano1,M.Miyazaki2,Y.Ohshima3
1P46Electronic Structure Change Induced by Molecular Deposition on a Clean Cu(111) Surface Measured with 2PPE Spectroscopy
(Keio Univ.1,JST-CREST2) T. Nakamura1,K. Miyajima1,2,A. Nakajima1,2
1P47*Development of velocity variable CH source and it's application to CH + O2 reaction
(univ.Osaka) K. Yamakawa,H. Ohoyama,Y. Nagamachi,T. Kasai
1P48*Decomposition of N2O by 193 nm ArF excimer laser in N2 and air at atmospheric pressure
(GSES. Kyushu Univ.1,IMCE, Kyushu Univ.2) M. Senda1,K. Noda1,H. Sako1,M. Tsuji2
1P49Developement of removal process of NO2 by ArF excimer laser in N2 and air at atmospheric pressure
(IMCE, Kyushu Univ.1,GSES, Kyushu Univ.2) M. Tsuji1,K. Noda2,M. Senda2
1P50Kinetic Study on reactions of CH2CHS
(The University of Tokyo) M. Nakajima,A. Miyoshi
1P51Theoretical Study of Reactivity of Silicon-Silicon Triply Bonded Compound
(IMS) N. Takagi,S. Nagase