39th Symposium on Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics

Best Poster Prize Winners

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The H3+ + C2H4 → H2 + C2H5+ / 2H2 + C2H3+ Reaction: Dynamics Study on a Machine-Learning Full-Dimensional Potential Energy Surface
TAKAHASHI, Soma (Saitama University)

Development of the optical cavity for observation of gas-phase vibrational polaritons
OYAIDE, Yuma (Shizuoka University)

Ultraviolet absorption spectra of purified saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and evaluation of impurities in chemical reagents
SAITO, Shota (The University of Tokyo)

Nonadiabatic dissociation dynamics of doubly photo-ionized OCS
KAMBARA, Ryuto (Hokkaido University)

Asymmetric Coulombic explosion of vibrationally excited NO2 in phase-locked two-color intense laser fields
ONO, Yuki (Grad. Sc. Sci, Nagoya U)

Kinetic study of the quenching mechanism of electronically excited Br(4p45p; 4S3/2, 2D3/2, 2D5/2) by collisions with He
KOIDE, Naoki (Hiroshima University)

Experimental determination of intermolecular vibrational wavefunctions in argon dimers by wave-packet imaging
MURAI, Tomomi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)