Call for papers

Experimental and theoretical studies on chemical reaction dynamics (including the excitation to and relaxation of the excited states) in the gas phase, condensed phase, surface, and interface are the topics of discussion.

Types of Presentations

1. Oral presentation

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, Main Hall

Type of Presentation: Projector with VGA connector.
(PC should be prepared by the presenter.)

Language: Engilish
 · Contributed talk
  Presentation for 15 min. & Discussion for 10 min.

 · Invited talk
  Presentation for 40 min. (including discussion)

2. Poster presentation

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, Small and Medium Hall

Poster board size: Width 113 cm X Height 163 cm

The best poster prize will be awarded to the students' presenters!


 Check the connection of your PC before your session, please.

About Language

 ・Title, Affiliations, Authors:English
 ・View graph(PowerPoint,etc) Poster:English