We suggest that you book your hotel room early. Location of the hotels is shown in the map below, including several more hotels in Nara area which can be booked through

NARA Travel Guide

For student from abroad

Organizing Committee prepares rooms at the guest house of Kansai Photon Science Institute for student participants from abroad.The fee for rooms will be supported. Contact us by E-mail( (Change "-at-" to "@")) if you wish to stay at the guest house. The contact information for reference is required. The rooms are booked according to the first-come policy.

Travel to Nara

The most convenient international airport for overseas visitors to Nara is Kansai Airport (KIX). From Kansai Airport, you can come to Nara by Airport Limousine buses or railways. Airport Limousine buses run directly to the two Nara stations. Using railways, there are two train services. Using JR, take Haruka limited express or a rapid service to Tennoji, and trasnfer to Yamatoji line to JR Nara station. Or you can take Nankai railways to Namba, and transfer to Kintetsu Nara line to Kintetsu Nara station. It takes approximately 1.5 hours and costs 1,500 (railway) - 2,000 JPY (bus) for the travel, depending on the route, and additional fee of 650 JPY is required if you take JR Haruka express.

If you take a domestic flight, you may arrive at Osaka Itami Airport. From Osaka Itami Airport take a Limousine bus to Nara stations.

From Tokyo, take JR Shinkansen Nozomi super express to Kyoto, and transfer to JR Nara line or Kintetsu Kyoto line. Using the Kintetsu line, if you take express service to Nara you can arrive at Kintetsu Nara station directly, otherwise you need to make a trasfer to Nara at Saidaiji.

More travel information is available at wikitravel.